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Residential Apartment Building

SHH Equity Group, LLC aims to match our investors’ needs with solid, high performing assets. We provide alternative investment opportunities that focus on value-add multifamily deals. Meaning, we acquire properties that we can add intrinsic value. We maximize the value of these assets through property improvements, rent/income optimization, and operations management enhancements.   


We invest in markets with high growth potential and strong economic drivers that spur housing demand such as population growth, job growth, corporate migration and university presence.

Target Investment

50 – 100+ Apartment Communities

Value Add – B and C class assets

Strong In Place Cash Flow & Returns

Location – Southeast US and West Texas

Stacking Coins

Investment Life Cycle

life cycle.png

Due Diligence – Identify and conservatively underwrite/evaluate the target property and develop the value-add business plan

Acquire – SHH Equity Group and investment partners purchase the asset 

Increase Value – Execute the business plan by improving the property through renovation, rent/income optimization, and increase operation efficiencies and management

Stabilize – After the business plan has been implemented, our team ensures the ongoing efficiencies are maintained

Exit – Once stabilized, we will consider refinancing if the value has increased significantly to where we can return 100% of our investors’ capital. After refinancing, we will determine the optimal time to sell. Most times we will sell without refinancing. The typical investment period is 5-7 years.

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