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Essential Questions to Ask a Multifamily Syndicator Before Investing

Real estate investing can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to multifamily syndication deals. If you're thinking about investing in a multifamily syndication project, you'll want to make sure you have all the facts before you make a decision. One of the most important things to do is to ask the right questions. However, not all syndicators are created equal, and not all deals are worth your time and money. Let’s explore some of the key questions to ask before investing.

Who is on the GP team and their experience?

The general partner (GP) is the syndicator who manages the property and makes the key decisions on behalf of the investors. Therefore, it's crucial to know who is on the GP team and their experience in multifamily syndication. Ask for their bios, resumes, and track records. Pay attention to their roles and responsibilities, as well as their alignment with the investors' interests. Ideally, the GP team should have a balanced mix of skills, knowledge, and personalities that complement each other.

Have you gone full cycle on a deal?

Asking a syndicator whether they have gone full cycle means have they taken a property from acquisition to sale. Multifamily syndication involves a long-term commitment to a property, typically 5-7 years or more. During this period, the syndicators will acquire, renovate, operate, and eventually sell the property for a profit. It's crucial to partner with a syndicator who has successfully completed a full cycle on a similar property in the past. This demonstrates their experience, track record, and ability to navigate the complex real estate market. Ask for specific details on their previous deals, such as the location, size, and returns.

What is the underlying financing for the project?

Financing is a crucial aspect of any real estate investment. You’ll want to ask the syndicator about financing options available, including terms, rates, and conditions. Inquire about the percentage of debt and equity ratio. By understanding the terms of the financing, you can gauge the level of risk, as well as the potential returns at exit.

What is the worst-case scenario?

Real estate investments are not immune to risks and uncertainties. Therefore, it's essential to ask the syndicator about the worst-case scenario for the property. This includes potential factors such as an economic downturn, tenant turnover, market saturation, or natural disasters. The syndicator should have a detailed contingency plan for each scenario, including how they will mitigate the risk, protect the investors' capital, and navigate the challenges. This will give you a sense of their proactive approach and risk management skills.

How will you communicate with investors?

It’s important that the syndicator communicates with investors frequently and updates them on the deal process. Ask how regular updates will happen, will there be regular and periodic communication on the performance of the investment? How frequently will reporting happen? The syndicator should be transparent, open, and accessible to investors.

Are you investing in the deal?

Ask the syndicator whether they are investing their own money in the deal. This may be the most important question because it shows their confidence and conviction in the property, as well as their willingness to align their interests with the investors' interests. If the syndicator is not investing in the deal, ask for the reasons and evaluate their credibility. Ideally, the syndicator should put their skin in the game and have a personal stake in the success of the property.

Final Take

Multifamily syndication can be a rewarding and profitable investment strategy, but it requires careful due diligence and evaluation of the syndicator and the property. By asking these vital questions, you can gain a deeper understanding of the syndicator's experience, track record, risk management, and alignment with your interests. Ultimately, partnering with a strong and trustworthy multifamily syndicator can help you achieve your financial goals and build long-term wealth.

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About the author: Tomond Jack is a real estate entrepreneur and syndicator who has over 20 years of investment experience. He is passionate about helping people expand their wealth through real estate.

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