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Apartment Buildings
Building Wealth Through Passive Real Estate Investments
What We Do 

We take the stress out of real estate investing!


SHH Equity Group is a real estate syndication firm specializing in multifamily investments. We transform underperforming apartment communities into quality investments. Our communities are purchased through a real estate syndication. A syndication allows us to have multiple investment partners by pooling their funds to purchase real estate assets. We do all the work while our investment partners enjoy the passive income and equity returns.

Modern Kitchen
Why Multifamily

High Returns

Predictable Cashflow and Asset Appreciation


Continuous Housing Demand

Tax Benefits

Cost Segregation and Depreciation Write-offs

Economies of Scale

Spreads Risk Among Multiple Units and Maintains Professional Property Management

How It Works

We Identify & Analyze

Our team finds underperforming properties and designs the value-add business plan

 We Invest

We acquire the property with you, as our investment partner. Partners can use various sources of funds to invest including Self-Directed IRAs, 1031 Exchange, or cash

We Improve & Manage

Our team executes the business plan and the ongoing asset management

You Relax & Get Paid

Our team issues quarterly payments to the investment partners

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